Rob is just terrific. It is easy to get an appointment with him (you can book on-line), and the care he provides is first rate. His fee is very reasonable, which is not easy to find in NYC these days. I had pretty severe lower and upper back pain when I started seeing Rob in August--I could hardly walk! Thanks to his treatment, I am much, much better.  M.C.  10/22/14

Dr. Davidowitz is amazing! Not only will he fix you right up, but he is caring, gentle, and I have never had to wait. Easy to schedule appointments and a convenient location. Great chiropractor!  R.N.  9/18/14

Dr. D has been able to instantly relieve all pain in my neck and back and totally get rid of my headaches that I suffer from throughout the year. He is professional, available, and personable. Everything that I would expect in a doctor and has exceeded my expectations! I plan on seeing him for future needs. Hands down recommended and worth the trip!  E.D.  9/9/14

Dr. Rob knows his stuff and executes his adjustments with precision. His focus and energy in each session is clearly on the patient and every movement employed serves a specific purpose. Highly recommend. M.G.  6/5/14

I'd never been to a chiropractor and Rob D was very reassuring, and competent. I know it will take a few more sessions but within half hour after my session, I could already feel a difference in my back pain. Hooray for Dr. Rob! K.S.  5/17/14

I've only been to Dr. D twice, but he seems pretty great. He has the perfect combination of strength without making me feel like someone is trying to break me in half. He has, in only 2 visits, nearly fixed a painful shoulder that was making sleeping hard. He's also not one of the chiropractors that is going to attempt to sell you a bunch of other products or services if you don't need them. He is quickly gaining my trust over any other chiropractor that I've visited. I'd recommend him. J.C.  4/30/14

Great service, very convenient both in availability and online booking. I recommend to anyone who mentions needing a chiropractor. I've entrusted him with my back, my husband's back, and my infant's back - that says a lot.  K.M.  4/16/14